The Wretched: A soundtrack of Justice & Redemption inspired by Les Miserables

by Nomis

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A Soundtrack of Justice & Redemption inspired by Les Miserables


released March 18, 2013

All tracks composed & produced by NomiS (@NomisHipHop)
All Vocals by NomiS except where otherwise noted.
Additional Vocals by Fallon Moore on "Eponine Scream", and "Who Am I".
Additional Vocals by Sarah Dean on "Castle On A Cloud".
Additional Production and Acoustic Guitar by Ryan LaCoste on "Who Am I".



all rights reserved
Track Name: The Wretched
Welcome to, "The Wretched: A Soundtrack of Justice & Redemption inspired by Les Miserables". This is my free gift to you and to any person in which you would care to share it with. All I ask is that you throw your expectations out the window and enjoy the show.
-NomiS (@NomisHipHop)
Track Name: Look Down
Look Down: Vocals & Composition by NomiS (@NomisHipHop)

Verse 1:
LOOK DOWN, on the ones bleeding under you/
That aid and opportunity don't trickle down and funnel through/
And now you want to punish dudes?/
And withhold your compassion because of the scum of few?/
Son if you LOOK DOWN, then maybe that you wouldn't want to choose/
You'd see a person hurting, is standing right in front of you/
I ain't saying disregard your personal goals/
But there's a problem, I'm asking, "what you gonna do?"/
LOOK DOWN, and maybe think outside your bubble for a minute/
Just a couple, this world has got some trouble in it/
I ain't talking trouble as in Trillion Dollar Debt/
I'm talking 27 Million hollering to get respect/
LOOK DOWN, and show some mercy if you can/
'cause every grain in the sand, plays a role in how that castle stands/
Transport to 'Castle On a Cloud'/
I know a place where no ones lost in the crowd/
But you've got to LOOK DOWN, if you try you can find them/
But apathy can turn a fine eye to a blind one/
Who am I? Can I condemn this man to slavery/
Pretend that I don't see his agony? No, we need to LOOK DOWN/

LOOK DOWN and see the beggars at your feet/
LOOK DOWN and show some mercy if you can/
LOOK DOWN and see the sweepings of the street
LOOK DOWN, LOOK DOWN upon your fellow man/

Verse 2:
You know me as that dude from "On Behalf of the SIlenced"/
I was blunt and open, spoken on that factual violence/
Now I'm speaking on behalf of them have nots/
The ones who are forcefully trafficked, and little people like Gavroche/
A pad lock is chaining High Society/
Until the labor chain changes, they'll live on humble crumbs of piety/
Pick from the variety/
It's bigger than Blood Diamonds up in your timex. Seeking God he is guiding me/
Take your place, take your charge/
Vive la France, Vive la France/
I said take your place, if you think you're free/
You can follow me, you can follow me, LOOK DOWN/


Whens this gonna end, when we gonna live/
Somethings gotta happen now or somethings got to give/
It'll come……

Verse 3:
When you talk in a way that aligns with your day, in HIS name it'll come, it'll come/
When you're talking of change, and you strive for the same, in HIS name it'll come, it'll come/
When you're walking in grace , and you're guided by faith, in HIS name it'll come, it'll come/
If you're walking in change, we're on the same page. In his name it'll come, it'll come/
Track Name: End of the Day
End of the Day: Vocals & Composition by NomiS (@NomisHipHop)

Verse 1:
At the end of the day you're another day older, and another day colder/
And thats all you can say for the life of the poor, like a knife to the core/
It's a struggle, tug of war to soar, and theres nothing that anyones giving/
One more day of standing about, but what is it for, but what is it for/
One day less to be living/

Verse 2:
At the end of the day you're another day colder, and another day older/
And the shirt on your back doesn't keep out the chill, we're trapped in it still/
And the righteous hurry past us fast, and ignore the little ones crying/
It's a plague thats ready to blast and it's ready to Kill, it's ready to kill/
One day nearer to dying/

At the end of the day it's another day over/
With enough in your pocket to last for a week/
Pay the Landlord, pay the shop, keep on working as long as you're able/
Keep on working 'till you drop, or it's back to the crumbs on the table/
We have got to pay our way, at the end of the day/

Verse 3:
At the end of the day they get treated like nothing, they walk in the dead/
You're talking often about the 'Lost Ones', but your neighbor don't got any bread/
And the children back at home, and those children have got to be fed/
And they're thankful to be on a job or in even a bed, or in even bed/
We're coating our blessings/

Verse 4:
Blessings yes, projecting steps, correct the mess that wrecked the rest/
Perfecting change, then check its reign, and test its range, then death to pain/
The pain its got, insane if not, i'd tame and stop the angry shots/
The shots I choose have gotten boo'd, but often used to stop abuse/
And the ones hurt, who are actually thirsty/
Are done dirt, from the lack of the mercy/
You come first, but the first will be last in the end/
The first shall be last in the end/

Verse 5:
We've got to get out every venom getting in the way/
And we've got to figure out a way to get them out and stay/
WIth a lot of them beginning with a lot that sent to bottom/
Bring the audible, slaughter what got them headed for the grave/
Im amazed, how they abusing the youth when they say/
"Please Fantine you must send us more money, your child needs a doctor, there's no time to loose"/
She's barely alive an
Track Name: Eponine Scream (Plumet Attack)
Eponine Scream (Plumet Attack): Vocals & Composition by NomiS (@NomisHipHop) - Additional Vocals by Fallon Moore

Verse 1:
The things that we do just to make ends meet/
When I think of no food on my plate, cant sleep/
Cant eat, we choose what it takes and feast/
Then innately our nature will break down peace/
Keep in the words of the wise/
'Fight for their Rights', where my burden resides/
Urgently try, to live but its hurting inside/
When they further the murder and lies/
What do I do, what do I say?/
I've got to warn them here, i've got to find a way/

Verse 2:
You didn't heed, outline chalk it out/
Early peddling, like a Paper Boy" when he's starting route/
Meddling with metal, you know what I'm talking 'bout/
Blood money, ain't nothing real about you/
You're a character for carrots like Bugs Bunny/
But i just listen to the beats like Doug Funny/

What do you care, who you should rob/
Give me my share, finish the job/
Ain't nothing there, and thats a problem/
Believe there are freedoms, and a path to retrieve them/
There must be/
A path to retrieve the freedoms we believe in/
But we're halted by the evil thats breathing/
The evil that men do/

Bridge 2: (3X)
The evil that men do/
The lengths that i've seen, cant believe what they've been through/
But we turn a blind I. And I don't mean to offend you/
We act like we care, but dishonestly pretend to/

Bridge 3:

When injustice arises, Eponine sing/
When a movements inside us, Eponine sing/
When a moment inspires, Eponine sing/
When an idea surprises, Eponine Scream/

Bridge 4: (3X)
I know this house I tell you/
There is no amount they'd sell you/
There are souls to count and care to/
Theres nothing here for you/


Verse 3:
Quit wondering 'who's the next one to make an impact?'/
Im tired of the question/
Tired of predictions, tired of the guessing/
Inquiring minds want to ask/
'Who's the next La Marque, and who's a Wilberforce on the fast track?'/
Though I'm glad you inquire to ask that/
Honestly, i'd rather you aspire to past that/
Sleepwalk and hope the next mans awake/
Look at the face in the mirror, because you're the best candidate/
No it cannot wait, move in this instant/
I animate music and infuse in a sentence/
Thats my process, for you it'd be different/
You can start with your schooling and interest/
Its you, you're the next revolutionary/
Its you, nobody but you/
Im saying, 'Do you hear the people singing"/
The heart where its from, and it bleeding syncopated with the beating of the drum/
Believing our delivery will come/
If there aint liberty for one, then there aint liberty for none/
Fighting 'till the chivalry has won/
If there aint liberty for one, then there aint liberty for none/
Track Name: 24601 (Valjean's Soliloquy)
24601 (Valjean's Soliloquy): Vocals & Composition by NomiS (@NomisHipHop)

Verse 1:
Ive heard of another way to go but I don't see it/
And ya'll don't know what led to me defeated/
Im feeling like im headed to the guillotine/
To be beheaded, anything else could only be a dream/
Man ive done things, unspeakable/
Acts unthinkable, thats why this cats unreachable/
You cant put your arms out now man im gone/
And I vowed to be strong/
I don't need you, so take an eye for an eye/
Your heart into stone, thats all that I've lived, thats all that I've known/
Its nice where you frolic and roam/
I thought it'd be so different from this hell where im calling it home/
So a life that the righteous bring, life has killed that dream/
This life of a righteous King, this life has killed that dream/

Verse 2:
If theres another way to go/
I missed it 20 long years ago/
My life was a war that could never be won/
They gave me a number and they murdered Valjean/
When they chained me and left me for dead/
Just for stealing a mouth full of bread/
When they chained me and left me for dead/
Just for stealing a mouthful of bread/
Track Name: Castle On a Cloud
Castle on a Cloud: Vocals & Composition by NomiS (@NomisHipHop) - Additional Vocals by Sarah Dean

Verse 1:
I built a castle on a cloud once/
Where all the dirt of the earth was replaced where the river wide runs/
And the fun it doesn't cease/
There's trees in abundance and none beneath the sun to be the hunted/
Im free, yes sir Im free from the brunt of it/
And bravery, has replaced the slavery of punishment/
Im free, yes ma'am I'm free and its lovely/
Adjusting, to the ones above me who love me/
Its me, yes sir its me, I can grow and explore/
Everything, you with holded before/
I am me, yes ma'am Im me, who you scold and ignore/
But when I'm here, its gold & galore/
I am free/

Verse 2:
Come to a Cloud, shoot for the moon, for the wonder and wow/
Under a cloud of wonder, incoming thunder loud where the sun turns down/
Down to the depths with the peasants, where no rest is, its a death in an essence/
In an essence death is an exit, but this aint a life, so the gift of a life is a death in the present/
In the present/
Presently Im missing him, a God who acknowledges and grins when blessing me/
But I hold to the faith that he'll bring my dream to rescue me/

Verse 3:
There is a Castle on a Cloud/
I like to go there in my sleep/
Aren't any floors for me to sweep/
Not in my Castle on a Cloud/
There is a lady all in white/
Holds me and sings a lullaby/
She's nice to see and she's soft to touch/
She says, "Cosette, I love you very much"/
Track Name: The Blood of Angry Men (Look Down Prt. 2)
The Blood of Angry Men (Look Down 2): Vocals & Composition by NomiS (@NomisHipHop)

Verse 1:
Red, the blood of angry men/
Black, the dark of ages past/
Red, a world about to dawn/
Black, the night that ends at last/

LOOK DOWN, LOOK DOWN, don't look them in the eye/
LOOK DOWN, LOOK DOWN, you're here until you die/

Verse 2:
The labor of a man should never sit in joint custody/
'Cause everybody's got a tipping point/
The camels back needs a rest/
There's only a few straws left, before it cracks into pieces/
Lacking the thesis to last , but then asking to Jesus/
"Why we forced to be fasting and speechless?"/
Its egregious, the people beg for peace/
And occupy streets, 'till you at least LOOK DOWN/


Verse 3:
You've gotten what you've asked/
Its rotten, and we thought picking cotton was a coffin of the past/
They're coughing out in Uzbek (Uzbekistan)/
And use threats as a fear and a weapon. But who's next?/
Who knows what courage they'll muster up/
So you should never never ever kick a dog because its just a pup/
They'll fight like 20 armies never will give up/
So you better run for cover when that pup grows to an angry mutt/


Chorus 2:
LOOK DOWN, LOOK DOWN, don't look ether in the eye/
LOOK DOWN, 24601
LOOK DOWN, LOOK DOWN, you'll always be a slave/
LOOK DOWN, LOOK DOWN, you're standing in your gave/

Red, the blood of angry men/
Black, the dark of ages past/
Red, a world about to dawn/
Black, the night that ends at last/
You better run for cover when that puppy grows up/

Bridge 2:
Where are the leaders of the land?/
Where are the swells who run the show?/
Only one man and thats La Marque/
Speaks for the people here below/
See our children fed/
Help us in our shame/
Something for a crust of bread in Holy Jesus Name/
In the Lord's Holy Name/
In His Name, In His Name, In His Name.../
It'll Come, It'll Come, It'll Come/
Track Name: Barricades Arise
Barricades Arise: Vocals & Composition by NomiS (@NomisHipHop)

Verse 1:
Have Faith/
The colors of the worlds are changing/
Another day we're pained and angry/
We were pushed to the ledge we're hanging from/
But I know that a change gon' come/
Have faith. Collectively mobilize/
We'll correct and expose their lies/
If we combine and connect, I know we'll rise/
And I know that a change gon' come/
Have faith. Abide in the mass Untouchables/
Love the wretched like one Huxtable/
They've lighted a gas combustible/
So I know that a change gon' come/
Have faith. The colors of the world are changing/
Another day we're pained and angry/
We were pushed to the ledge we're hanging from/
But I know that a change gon' come/
Red, the blood of angry men/
Black, the dark of ages past/
Red, a world about to dawn/
Black, the night that ends at last/

Verse 2:
Lies you holler and spit/
We're done listening, until you follow and fix/
All the things that you claim wont be the same/
Change, I want more like Im 'Oliver Twist'/
Politic into your hood with more lies/
Act like their intentions are good/
And give a burden to return a debt/
To protect their Green like Bernadette/
In 'Into the Woods'/
Top dollar would the best buy for me/
If I was a girl, you'd guess mine poorly (Priceless)/
You fly over seas and do wrong/
Another Shark in/and a Jet, like a 'West Side Story'/
You've read, or you've heard, or you've seen a guy
Who pimped children, and so people demonize/
If you were a victim, its time for the world to get to know you/
Like, 'The King & I'/
The colors of the world are changing/
Another day we're pained and angry/
We were pushed to the ledge we're hanging from/
But I know that a change gon' come/
Have faith/
Track Name: Thief's Theme (Valjean Forgiven)
Thief's Theme: Vocals & Composition by NomiS (@NomisHipHop)

Verse 1:
They caught me red handed/
Still a slave to the man I once was, reprimanded/
A dunce, I'm dumb enough to fall to my old ways of acting/
Claiming 180, but 360 in action/
And i've been doing so well/
This low well sin pool got me thinking go tell it on the mountain/
I'm shouting 'cause I drank from the fountain of living water, i've fallen, oh well/
I guess it makes sense when you think of it/
We don't change the hand we've been dealt we just sink in it/
I tried to make a change on the brink of it/
I tried and I tried, its the same old tale/
The same old story/
Same interlude from the sinners all before me/
Claiming i'm anew and i'm changing for his glory/
But my will is weak and so frail/
Valjean imam sick'o, run/
once a thief, always a thief imam get those funds/
I'll always be forever 24601/
'Cause I don't know of a life with no jail/
Now the victim of my evil wants to show grace/
Homie I ain't buying it, I don't trust his old face/
Why would you want to give me a handout?/
I've got the face of a thief, still you take the bigger man route/
I've done nothing to deserve this, a criminal purpose/
Who's personally ended a person/
Whatever trickery you're sending mess working/
Now you want to help? (That is right)/

Verse 2:
I deserve to be punished/
But you treated me another way/
Feeling nerves in my stomach/
'Cause I deserve to be in a cage/
But you gave me another chance, don't understand it/
I try to wrap my mind around it but a brother cant/
And it doesn't make sense to me/
I hear the song of grace and its played with a symphony/
The days of my infamy has sentenced me to death once more/
Still though you mention me, as a sibling , a brother, as family…..this cant be/
Track Name: Who Am I
Who Am I: Vocals by Fallon Moore - Composition by NomiS (@NomisHipHop) - Additional Production & Acoustic Guitar by Ryan LaCoste

Verse 1:
Who am I?
Can I condemn this man to slavery/
Pretend I do not feel his agony/
This innocent who bears my face/
Who goes to judgement in my place/
Who am I?/
Can I conceal myself for evermore?/
Pretend I'm not the man I was before?/
And must my name until I die/
Be no more than an alibi?/
Must I lie?/
How can I ever face my fellow men?/
How can I ever face myself again?/
My soul belongs to God, I know/
I made that bargain long ago/
He gave me hope when hope was gone/
He gave me strength to journey on/

Who am I (4X)

Verse 2:
Who am I, that the Lord of all the earth/
Would care to know my name/
Would care to feel my hurt/
Who am I, that the Bright and Morning Star/
Would choose to light the way/
For my ever wandering heart/

Not because of who I am/
But because of what You've done/
Not because of what I've done/
But because of who You are/

I am a flower quickly fading/
Here today and gone tomorrow/
A wave tossed in the ocean/
Vapor in the wind/
Still You hear me when I'm calling/
Lord, You catch me when I'm falling/
And You've told me who I am/
Who am I (4X)/
I am Yours, I am Yours/
Track Name: I Dreamed A Dream Deferred
I Dreamed a Dream Deferred: Vocals by NomiS (@NomisHipHop)

There is not one human being on this planet who was born without a dream inside them.
Even before your actual date of birth, buried in the crevices of your fetal brain, there it laid. Yes there it stayed.
And in the way that water breaks to begin your life long journey, a dream needs that same nudge to go from that unseen, unknown creation, to becoming conscious thought.
The day we meet our dreams, the day we learn our dreams, because some of us have many.
Some of us have plenty. I wanted to play Pro Ball, be a Pro Skater and be a Professional Rap Star, all at the same time.
And in my pre-adolescent  life style I held the right, yes the right, to believe and pursue any dream that I felt worthy of my thought.
No matter how ridiculous, insane, or how asinine it may have sounded to my peers, my parents, or to my principle.
That was my right.
Simply on the fact that I held a pulse, and a heart beat.
To dream. A freedom that is unbound by country lines or cultural difference.
A freedom that i've always understood to be fully mine, yet I somehow manage to share it with the billions of people walking this earth.
The best comparison i can think of is oxygen.
Now in my reckless pursuit I stumbled upon a ditch, and this ditch was filled with dreams.
Now I use the word "ditch" as an intentional understatement but trust me. This thing had to have been carved out by Paul Bunyan himself.
Not only was this ditch full of dreams that had never come to fruition, but some of which who had never even met their owner.
Removed, withheld, withdrawn. Dreams, stolen.
She used to dream to be a dancer, now she just dreams to BE.
My thats a sobering thought.
If she was standing right here she'd tell you.
I've always dreamed my life would be so different from this Hell that I'm living.
SO now I'm hell bent on giving.
Giving my time, giving my voice, and yes sometimes giving my money.
Justice must be served and that responsibility falls on us all equally.
He may be forced to pick cotton, and she may be forced to sleep with a shell of a man on someone elses dollar.
But thats doesn't negate their God given right, to dream.
I've been called, and you've been called to restore balance, because the dreams they'd chase were robbed.
And to love another person is to see the face of God.
They dreamed a dream deferred.
Let them dream.